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Papworth St Agnes Church


St John the Baptist, Papworth St Agnes


Papworth St AgnesAlthough mentioned in the Domesday Book, 1087, the present building, largely constructed in 1850, was planned by the Revd J H Sperling, who also built the adjacent Rectory in 1848. Following the lines of two previous churches on the site, a fourteenth century north door and various mouldings, with a tower arch from the 1530s serve as reminders of earlier builders. 1n 1976 the church was declared redundant, deconsecrated and subject to a demolition order. Petitioned by residents from Papworth St Agnes, the Friends of Friendless Churches helped to save the building. Between 1980 and 1984 the very small population raised enough money to start restoration. However, much of value, stained glass, bells, flooring and pews had already been removed. As well as extensive repairs, a kitchen, lavatories and a modern lighting system were added. Continuing in a different role as a focal point in the village, occasional services are held in the church.

Text by Peter Eveleigh (2000)


The Parish of Papworth St Agnes has been merged with Graveley for administrative and worship purposes but the building can be found here: