What we believe


On this page you can find information on some basic Christian beliefs. There are also links to websites where you can find out more, or you are welcome to visit any of our church services, or contact one of the clergy.



Christians believe in one God who is described as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, a community of love in which these 3 are so close they become one.

God is the creator and Father of everything and everyone. He has made his love available to everyone and keeps the universe going. 

Some Christians believe in a literal 6-day creation but most of us understand and accept evolution as God's way of working to bring about our world and move it further towards what it should and could be. 

Jesus is the Son of God. He is God come to earth in the historical person of Jesus Christ. Jesus shows us what God is like because he is God. His life, death and resurrection show us how God wants us to live so that we can be the best people possible and build a better world. It also gives us hope that despite our failings (which don't disappear the moment we become Christians, unfortuanately!) we are loved and wanted by God and can be forgiven. All God asks is that really want to live a better life and have a relationship with him.  

At the end of the world Jesus will return to finally put right everything that is wrong with the world and restore it to how it should be. 

God is alive, loving and active today and changes lives and society through the work of the Holy Spirit. He inspires faith, justice and truth, helps sustain the life of the world, gives spiritual gifts so that people can carry out different jobs and vocations, and helps people's spiritual development so that we can become better and more fulfilled people by becoming more like God meant us to be. He encourages forgiveness, healing, peace and an understanding of how to live together with justice, mercy and goodness. 


Christian life

Christian life is about loving God and our neighbours. We try, with God's help and inspiration, to build a community in the church that reflects God's love and acceptance of everyone who wants it. We don't always succceed but we keep trying! We pray, read the Bible, worship God and help others - both alone and together as a church. Our hope is that our love will grow: for God, for each other and for everyone around us - regardless of their faith, colour, gender, social status or anything else. 



Worship is not about flattering or appeasing God, or boosting his ego. He doesn't need us to tell him how great he is! Christians worship God because we love him and want to spend time with him. Worship also helps change us into better people by bringing us closer to God and showing us a better way to live. We also find fulfilment and joy in spending time with God and this helps us get through difficult times.

Worshipping with other Christians is also important because our shared experience helps us draw closer to one another, builds up our love and care for each other, helps us learn how to get along with others better, and encourages us to keep going in our faith. 



If you'd like to find out more about Jesus and Christianity online visit ReJesus or Christianity.org.uk (will take you to new pages)

You can also look at the Bible online at Bible Gateway (will take you to new page)


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