3rd December 

3.00pm ~ Christingle at Boxworth and Longstowe

4.30pm ~ Christingle at Yelling

6.00pm ~ Advent Songs of Praise at Tosleand

10th December 

3.00pm ~ Christingle at Papworth Everard

4.00pm ~ Christingle at Eltisley

6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Graveley 

13th December 

6.00pm ~ Village Carol Service at Papworth Village 


16th December                                                   6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Elsworth

17th December

10.30am ~Christingle and Carols at Caxton

3.00pm ~ Carol Service at Longstowe

3.00pm ~ Carol Service at Croxton

4.00pm ~ Carol Service at Yelling

6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Bourn

6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Conington

6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Eltisley

6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Knapwell

6.00pm ~ Carol Service at Papworth Everard

6.30pm ~ Carol Service at Boxworth

6.30pm ~ Carol Service at Kingston

23rd December

4.00pm ~ Nativity at Thatch Barn, Kingston

24th December

3.00pm ~ Crib Service at Bourn

3.00pm ~ Crib Service at Papworth Everard

3.00pm ~ Carols on the Green at Croxton

5.30pm ~ Carol Service at Toseland

6.00pm ~ Carols on the Green at Eltisley

7.00pm ~ Holy Communion at Graveley

7.00pm ~ Holy Communion at Kingston

11.30pm ~ Holy Communion at Elsworth

11.30pm ~ Holy Communion at Bourn      

25th December 

8.30am ~ Holy Communion at Knapwell

8.30am ~ Holy Communion at Croxton 

9.00am ~ Holy Communion at Yelling 

9.15am ~ Holy Communion at Longstowe

9.30am ~ Holy Communion at Conington 

10.30am ~ Family Service at Bourn 

10.30am ~ Holy Communion at Caxton

10.30am ~ Holy Communion at Eltisley 

10.30am ~ Holy Communion at Papworth Everard 

11.00am ~ Holy Communion at Boxworth


Team Administrator 

Lower Pendrill Court 

Ermine Street North 

Papworth Everard 

CB23 3UY