Who’s who and contact details


Organising 14 parishes over 15 villages involves many dedicated people, not all of whom can be named here.

Follow the links below to find out a bit more about some of the main names and faces within our team.

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Revd Nigel di Castiglione - Team Rector

Revd Stephen Day - Team Vicar

Revd Nigel Pearson - Associate Priest

Readers/Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs)

LLMs (also known as Readers) have existed in the Church of England since the 19th century but their origins go back to the Early Church. They are licensed by the bishop to assist the clergy in a parish or group of parishes on an unpaid basis after a period of part-time training lasting 2-3 years. It is a nationally recognised position and LLMs can be found preaching, putting together and leading services, taking funerals, doing home communions and pastoral visits, being involved in youth work and a whole range of other activities, depending on their interests, gifts and skills.

Tim Burgess MBE

Geoff Dodgson

Jane Connell

Authorised Lay Ministers (ALMs)

ALMs have undertaken a Diocese of Ely part-time training scheme lasting 1-2 years. They are authorised to serve in a particular parish or group of parish on an unpaid basis . In contrast to LLMs and clergy, who carry out a wide range of different activities, ALMs specialise in one particular area of ministry that they may already be involved in, using the training to enhance their particular talents, gifts and skills in this area.

Anne Pettifor - Authorised Lay Minister for Pastoral Care

David Potter - Authorised Lay Minister for Worship Leading

Sarah Burles - Authorised Lay Minister for Worship Leading

Team Administrator

Chris Westgarth

Team Council Lay Chair

John Pettifor 


Team Administrator 

Lower Pendrill Court 

Ermine Street North 

Papworth Everard 

CB23 3UY